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Breadcrumb trail for Web Design:
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Web Design

There are probably as many ways to create a website as there are people who create websites. No matter which method you choose, there will be someone who thinks their way is better. The key is to choose the method that works best for you.

Although most folks have their preferred methods, there are some general steps that most folks take. This tutorial will take you through the steps. Some steps will include links to more information and/or specific "how to" tutorials.

This tutorial will also follow my preferred method - using Kompozer version 0.7.10 (I'm not fond of the newest version) and a pre-made free template. If you prefer to hand code, you can follow the tutorial and add the information by hand rather than using the HTML editor.

You can get started on this tutorial by using the Table of Contents below or by using the breadcrumbs menu at the top of this section. Each tutorial page will have the breadcrumb trail at the top of the content section. You can also click on "Next" to go through the tutorial in order.  Feel free to proceed page by page or skip around if you want.

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Table of Contents


  • Focus on your visitors
  • Plan/Sketch the basic layout. 
  • Begin a rough draft of the content

Best Practices

  • Importance of Navigation
  • Images
  • Links to More Information

Basic Skills

  • Organizing
  • Practice Exercises
  • Learning the Basics of HTML
  • Learning How to Use an HTML Editor
  • Learning How to Use an a Free CSS Template

Steps to Build Your Own Website

  • Gather Your Materials
  • Make Changes to the Template and CSS File
  • Create Your Basic Pages
  • Check to See if the Links Work
  • Add Content to Each Page

Special Pages

  • Photo Galleries
  • Shopping Carts


  • Web Hosts
  • Domain Names


  • Proofreading and spell checking
  • Checking for broken links
  • Accessibility
  • Useability
  • Validating


  • Music
  • Embedded videos
  • Advanced css
  • Outside Links

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