This page was part of an exercise done in the original "The Studio" group that was on Eons. Sadly, Eons disappeared in May 2012. I decided to leave the references to Eons here as part of history. Have Fun!



trying to be a web master (or should that be person?); searching for information; keeping in touch with friends and family; laughing at jokes.


gardens that sometimes produce; roses that take care of themselves; flowerbeds that never take; ideas in other people's heads


with GK's although most of them are getting to grownup to be fun; aggravating my hubby, sometime unintentionally; with The Dog; at keeping house


for all of the above; for direction and guidace; for Peace worldwide and at home.

Things I've Learned:

Hmmm, this box is strangely empty? If you watch my brain closely, you will see knowledge enter and leave just as quickly.


Written a year or two before Eons disappeared.

New Eons Group!

The Studio - connecting people to people - learners to tutors, tutors to learners - and everyone to links to obtain more knowledge and tools to learn or improve HTML, CSS and or computer related skills - to use on Eons or on your own web page!

     That sounds awfully stuffy. The fact is I got hooked on css during the pre-skinner days and the "Jazzing Your Profile Contest." It was fun learning about the little snippets of code and what they would do. I miss the fun.

     Also, I have made some web sites and wanted a place to share the "how - to's" and "what worked and didn't work" with others interested in making a web site for their church or favorite non-profit. I learned by "hit and miss" and, in fact, am still learning!

     So, The Studio was born. It is intended to be a friendly place to learn how to do something new and have fun doing it! - a place where everyone feels comfortable asking or answsering questions, sharing links and trying new things - a place to learn about graphics, banners, widgets, music, and more to use on Eons Profile page, on group pages or own your own web page or web site. 

     So, come learn, teach, share and explore. We'd love to have you visit!

Projects "to do" list:

1. Redo my church web site in css.

2. Clean out the back room (This has been on the list quite awhile!

3. Plant some more roses.

4. Drop everything for some fun with GK's

Web Sites:

Web Building


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