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To Create a Banner:

I use the online editor at often because I can make part of an image transparent and save it as a png to keep the transparency. However, there are other programs you could use. There is a list on the Free Graphic Editors and Tutorials page of graphic editors that you can download or use online. Just pick something that looks interesting and play with it to see what it can do.

Example of Banner Created:    

(Original 974 X100 - This example resized to 520 x 67)

Example of
              Mother's Day banner

Steps to Creating the Banner

Getting Started

  • Go to
  • Click on "Pixlr Editor" to get to the editing program.
  • A popup box will appear. Click to "Create a new image"
  • A "New image" popup box will appear. Put in the sizes you want for your banner.
  • Be sure to click on "transparent".
  • You can name it now or later. Then Click "OK"
Image popup

The Canvas and other Windows

The working area will open with a "canvas". You can click in the bottom corner and hold your mouse button, then drag to make the "canvas full size or you can use the scroll bar at the bottom to move from side to side in your banner.

The Canvas

Toolbar and Other Windows

There will be a tool bar on the left. There will be three other little windows that open. The "Navigator" box will show what part of the image you are viewing. The "Layers" box will show you the layers. You can click on the layers in this box to select it so you can work with that layer. Then there will be a "history" box. You can click, hold and drap at the top of these boxes to move them around to get them out of your work area.


Adding Text

To add text, click on the big "A" to activate the text tool. Then click inside the canvass. Type the words you want. Use the choices at the top to choose the color, size and face of your font. You can click on the "move" tool to move the words where you want them. If you plan to have two lines of writing, you might want to put each into their own text box (layer) That way, you can use different sizes, color or font faces for each of the lines.

Adding Text

Adding Images

You can add other images to the banner if you want.

  • Go to "File --> open" and upload the image you want to add.
  • If the image is too large, you can resize it by going to "Image --> Image Size"
  • A little pop-up will appear. You can change the height to 100 px and the width will adjust accordingly.

To add the image to your banner:

  • Click the image you want to add to make it active.
  • Go to "Edit --> select all";
  • Then "Edit --> copy".
  • Then click on the box containing the banner to make it active.
  • Go to "Edit --> paste".
  • To move the pasted image, select the "move tool" (top right).
  • Click and hold on the newly pasted image and move it where you want it.

To go back to change something about an individual image or text that you have added to the banner, you will need to click on the layer that contains that part. (See screenshot above to see layer box)

Saving the Banner

When you have the banner the way you want it, you will want to save it. You have the option to save it to an account at pixlr or to save it to your computer. I always save it to my computer. I don't have a pixlr account.

  • Go to "File -->save".
  • A popup will appear. Name the image and choose the format.
  • Click OK.
  • Wait for the regular "save" dialogue to appear.
  • Navigate to the folder/directory where you want to save your image.
  • Click OK and image will be saved to your computer.
Try it out and see what you can do. You can use these instructions to make banners, logos, graphic comments or any type of image you choose. If you have any questions or want to show what you've done and/or share some tips, tricks or techniques, feel free to post in The Studio.