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Online Tools

There are free online tools and free tools you can download that can help you do quite a number of things and do them well.  There are many tools linked from other sections in the website. Here are a few other tools that I've used or which have been recommended in The Studio.

Color Choices - Choosing Colors


You can use certain color names, hex code or rgb code to specify the color you want to use for font and background color. Most editors will give you a pop-out to choose the color, but there are times that you may need to code the color by hand. The following sites are ones that I have used.

Cloford has a color chart of 216 colors that look the same with all browsers,  Yes, different browsers interpret things differently and can make a big difference in how the color choices appear. This is not as big of a problem as it used to be, so many folks now use charts like the Cloford chart of 4096 Web-Smart colours,  which seems to work well. 

The HTML Color Picker is an online tool which you can use to select colors from an image quickly and easily.

If you are like me, you have a little trouble in determining which colors work well with an image. At the Color Palette Generator, you can paste in the URL of an image and then click on a button. Two lists of color hex codes (with examples) are generated - five "dull" colors and five "vibrant colors". Very easy and very quick!

Another similar site is My Color Picker, You upload your background or photo and then you can pick a color in the photo to match to and it will give you the color code. 

Another site where I've played is ColorPicker 3.1, You can choose the font color and background color. You can also change the font and font size if you wish, along with rendering bold and italic. You can also enter the URL of a background image or choose not to underline links. When you are through, it gives the css code for all your choices. This could be a fun site to learn a little about how to code the css while you play!