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So Where to You Play on the Net?

Social Networking

Safety/Privacy on the Net | Reviews of a Few Sites | Special Info for Eons Members

Safety and Privacy on the Net:

Social Networking sites can be fun, informative and/or useful. I've included some information about a few social sites in this section. But, no matter which social network you join, there are certain things that you should know about internet safety. 

Some folks argue that people shouldn't be concerned about Privacy on the internet. They argue that if someone really wants your information, they can get it. However, there are many people skilled in breaking into and stealing a car within minutes (or even seconds). Still, when I go to town, I don't leave my keys in the car and/or the windows rolled down. That won't stop a skilled thief, but it can make things more difficult for those not so skilled. That's the way I view what I choose to share online. I take what precautions I can.

One good rule to follow is never put anything on the net that you wouldn't want to be made public. That would include to not upload pictures you wouldn't want the world to see (or take and use). Don't give personal identifying information especially in posts or comments. Be careful who you "talk" to on the net. It is very easy to disguise who you really are.

Links to more information:

Reviews of a Few Sites

Eons (Disappeared May 17, 2012)

My favorite place on the internet was There were many active groups about a wide selection of topics. I learned a great deal about computers and websites, made a lot of good friends, had fun playing with code and enjoyed the ability to "style" our profile pages. I could go on and on about what was great about the site. It was a wonderful place to hang out, but it disappeared suddenly on May 17, 2012.  

Some folks created groups on other social network sites hoping various Eons members would reconnect and regroup - which they did. (See special section below) In the beginning, most of us hung on to the hope that Lori Bitter would get her act together and Eons would be back online. However, most accept that the old Eons will not return -- but, it might be possible that someone will be interested in recreating the things that made Eons so much fun.

The next sites discussed will be in alphabetical order


Boomeon was begun in Jan 2014. The owner hired a design company to create his dream. There were high hopes for Boomeon. When the site first opened, many ex-members of Eons joined the site thinking it had a connection with Eons, but were told there is none. Many of these members soon left expressing disappointment in not being able to get around the site easily, not being able to add anything (style or widgets) to the profile page, not being able to manage a group, and not being able to PM members among many other drawbacks. Many members gave lots of feedback and a few things were done to improve the site, such as adding the ability to PM others. The ability to style message replies has been added which is a big plus. There are a few active groups, but not much else. You can write a blog connected to a group, but not connected to your profile. You can upload pictures, but  there is not much you can do to sort or manage the pictures once they are uploaded.

In late November 2014, I stumbled across a profile page that had some paragraphs in the "About" section. This indicated a change in what had been. I did some playing around and discovered the "bios" section will now accept a lot of CSS and HTML. So, of course, I played with it. I now add a theme to my profile there, but it is not very easy. There are no separate "widget" boxes where you can add images, text, or youtube videos as was done at Eons. Everything (CSS and HTML) all go in the one bios box, so it doesn't take long before you are messing with a ton of code. In spite of the problems with styling the profile, I'm surprised that the powers that be at Boomeon have kept this ability under wraps. Some of the early members asked that it be added. But, they haven't promoted it at all.

Those in charge seem perfectly happy with the few active members they have and with the way the site works, so I don't foresee much improvement being done. It is a shame because it did have a lot of potential.

Boomerville Spruz

Boomerville was begun by an Eons member shortly after Eons disappeared. The people at Boomerville are very friendly and helpful. It is easy to start and manage a group. Group "owners" have tools to use to manage the group as they see fit. You can even style the group with skins. There is also the ability to create skins for the profile pages. In fact, there is a group where members share information about skins and a "Boomerville Skins" directory to help the members quickly find a skin they would like to use.

The home page of the site is helpful. New members can find their way around a little easier than some of the other sites. To help new members find information, the is a section welcoming questions which contains head shots with links to certain members who have volunteered to help any one who has questions.

The drawback to this site is that it is a Spruz site and the Spruz powers that be can ultimately make decisions that affect the site. Their decisions can be frustrating for everyone.


I'm not a fan of Facebook. One big problem with Facebook, in my opinion, is having to "opt out" of new features that share more member information. The default should be to "opt in". Also, 3rd party app developers should not be able to use information given to facebook on another site or to request and receive permission from one member to get another member's information. I still have a FB account, but I use a "creative" name and info. I check in to see what family members are sharing and then leave.

However, many folks use Facebook, play games and use apps. If you choose to use Facebook, I'd suggest you check your Privacy settings and Account Settings regularly and be cautious of what you share. Truthfully, you never know where that information may show up.


I received an invitation to join Google+ when it was still closed. I was a bit lost at first. I do enjoy circling various photographers at Google+ and have expanded my circles to follow other people of interest. As I've added people to my circles, my stream has become very active. I joined some communities (groups) about web building/HTML/CSS when they added that feature and am learning some new tricks.

As far as I can determine, Google+ does not allow 3rd party apps to gather "friends" information. So that's a good thing.

You might be interested in visiting  (or revisiting) Google+ and trying it out for yourself. 

Links to more information

  • Google+ Post by Shamil Weerakoon Google+ Guide for Newbies A list of 20 topics and links about how to use Google+
  • Scoop it Site GooglePlus help This section of the site contains many articles about Google+ including some tutorials

Not Over the Hill and My Boomer Place and both use the same social network software (looks like an older version of phpfox) and both allow members to style their profile pages. Both sites use the tinymce editor and bulletin board code for comments and replies. It's fairly easy to use the editor to add images, videos or links in comments. It is not as easy to use HTML tags and CSS in the editor. Sometimes things will work in preview and fall apart when posted. 

NOTH appears to be more active than myboomerplace. Most of the activity seems to be in playing trivia games, so if that is your cup of tea, you might enjoy NOTH. However, many of the NOTH members have been there a long time and have their own way of doing things. A few long time members are "volunteer staff" members who seem to have some powers, including the power to delete, but it is not clear exactly what the volunteer staff can do. There are stictly enforced rules about what can and cannot be posted in a blog. That's not bad in itself, but it is easy to unintentionally ruffle the feathers of a few, so tread carefully to avoid . . . . . uhmmm, the not so pleasant side of NOTH.

Yuku (formerly ezboards)

We could play with code on Eons and I was about to give up on finding another site where this could be done. You can play with code in comments at Yuku. I started what they call a "community" there, but gave up after awhile. It isn't easy to search for active groups there or to find active members. There are tons of tutorials, but they aren't that easy to locate when you are new to the site.

People can join yuku individually and visit communities. You can "upgrade" your membership to not see ads anywhere you go on Yuku. or, if ads don't bother you, you can remain a regular member. You can put custom css on both your own profile and your group (forum) pages. You can also set up your forums so folks can use HTML in posts. Although not every HTML tag or CSS attribute will work, many do.

Although Yuku has many attributes that are inviting, the inability to easily find members or active groups is a deadly downfall. Tis a shame, LOL!

"Meeting Places" for Eons Members

There are other social networking sites where various groups have started to help folks reconnect and regroup: (Links will open in new window or tab).

Note: On most (all?) sites, you won't be able to view the groups without joining. I created a new email account to use when I joined the sites and did not use my regular email.

Networking Sites | Eon Member Blogs 

Social Networking Sites/Communities and Possibilities for Boomers

Social Networking Sites for All Ages:

The above links are sites where Eons folks have joined. There may be more sites where Eons folks may be located and links will be added as they become known. Personally, I'd suggest having two "homes". You never know when a site might go down.

Eons Members Blogs:

More links will be added as they are found. I'm on many of the sites listed, at least for the time being. You can use my contact info to send me email or PM me at one of the sites.

Finding Information