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Website Basics

A website needs to present your main information in a style that is easy to navigate. It doesn't need all the latest bells and whistles which can cause websites to load slowly or interfere with a potential customer finding the information they seek. A website does need the main information - your business name, a description of what you offer, a few pictures to illustrate your products or services and information about your location and/or how to contact you.

You may be on the fence about whether or not you need a website. Isn't a presence on social media enough? Actually, no, it isn't. A website can be full page ad, an online brochure, an online business card and an online press release all in one. You can submit links to your website to online directories and search engines to help people find you. You can put a link in your email signature or include it within the email. You can easily link to a website from other websites or blogs, from emails, and even from social media. You can reach more people in more locations any time of the day or night. More eyes on your product or services could translate into more customers and clients.

Web Services

So, how much does it cost? Many web developers charge by the hour (typically $50 an hour and up). This makes it difficult to estimate the final cost. I prefer having a flat rate depending on what services are chosen. My charge for designing and uploading a one page site with the main information to a free web hosting site begins at $150.00. Adding more pages, composing text, editing images or adding a domain name will add to the cost. However once the website is finished, the same files can be used for a number of years.

If you decide to contract with me, my services for any website would include:

  • creating an account for you at a free web hosting site;
  • creating an email account to be used to verify the hosting account and other things, if necessary;
  • designing a basic website with images and information you provide, including your choice of background and font colors;
  • and uploading the website to the host.
The website design will remain under my copyright, but the text and your images will be under your copyright. You will be able to use the design for your business as long as you leave the copyright information in the footer and in the files, but you will not have the right to give or sell the design to anyone else.

Base Cost:

Basic one page site: $150.00
Basic one page site includes:
  • A site that is responsive (works with most devices from phones to desktop computers);
  • The name of your business or non-profit in the header;
  • A picture (no larger than 600px x 300px which you provide) of your storefront or main product/service as a banner;
  • Introductory paragraphs giving information about your business, products or services offered. (text which you write);
  • Your contact information and business address;
  • Up to 8 other photos of your business, products or services with an accompanying descriptive paragraph (written by you) and/or with a caption for each image (also written by you).

Additional Choices:

Regular pages:

Each additional regular page: add $50.00 per page. (More than 16 pages will require additional charges)

Extra regular pages can contain the banner or not (your choice), but may also contain up to 4 other images. Regular pages can include:

  • information about the company (About Us);
  • a list of products or services with or without prices (Products);
  • testimonials from clients or customers (Testimonials);
  • customer service / contact information (Contact);
  • other information about business, products or services

Specialty pages:

  • Gallery pages: Add $75 - $125 per page depending on choice
    • Thumbnail images only - (up to 20 thumbnails per page) Add $75.00 per gallery page
    • Thumbnails with link to larger images (up to 20 thumbnails per page) Add $125.00 per gallery page
    • Thumbnails with link information on external sites  (up to 20 thumbnails per page) Add $100.00 per gallery page
  • Slideshow pages (photos stored on Flickr while available - limit 20 photos): Add $75.00 per slideshow page
  • Slideshow pages (photos stored on site - limit 6 photos): Add $60.00 per slideshow page


You will need to provide the images of your business or products that will be used on the website. All of the images that are to be used on gallery pages need to be the same size and orientation. I have software that will make the thumbnails and larger images. However, if I need to resize 3 or more of the images used in the layout or on regular pages, there will be an additional charge fot the graphic work depending on how many images need resizing.

Domain Name:

It's generally a good idea to get a domain name if you have a business, but it isn't a requirement. A domain name can be obtained after the web design is done and uploaded.  I do not offer a domain name as part of my services since a domain name needs to be periodically renewed. I do however use and recommend Name Silo for domain registration mainly because their free privacy program. This program keeps your name and address from showing when people search to see who owns the domain. Other sites charge extra for this. This may or may not be important depending on whether you have a brick and mortar business location or work from home. If you choose to obtain your domain name through Name Silo, I can help you get things set up, but you will need to use your payment method to complete the registration.

One thing to consider is you must renew the domain name at the end of the term you have purchased (generally a year at a time). It is more like renting a domain name. However, if you have to move your website to a different host, having a domain name keeps your web URL the same.


Before I begin work, we will agree on what is to be done, what the cost will be and how payment will be made. Acceptance by email of the stated terms will constitute a contract. Corrections to the website will be made at no charge for two weeks after you are sent the link to the completed website. Login information to the web hosting account and connected email will be sent via email after payment has cleared. Things can be arranged a little differently if I know you in real life.

I can also maintain your website on a yearly basis for a fee (from $50 up depending on the complexity of the website). However,  I can also make changes on an "as needed" basis. Your choices will be given after the initial site is done and open.

Please contact me if you have questions.