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Members can form groups or maintain collections on In the list, the word "groups" in the URL will identify it as a group. If the word "groups is not in the URL, it is a collection. You will be able to view public posts without registering, but you won't be able to comment. You won't be able to view the posts in private groups

If you want to recommend a Minds group to be listed here or have suggestions for categories or corrections that need to be made, please send the information by emai to the webmaster.

This is an individual's project - an effort to help friends find information about sites where they can build new communities (private or public), share information and have fun!. Please be patient as groups are added and the list is corrected and updated.


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Arts - Crafts| Books | Computers and Internet | Cooking | Gathering Places | Help and How To's | Just for Fun | Politics

 Arts - Crafts

  1. Art (Channel) -
  2. B&W Photography & Art  -
  3. Nature Photography -
  4. Photography -
  5. Photography & Art -


  1. Audiobooks -
  2. Books, Books, Books -

Computers and Internet

  1. Computers & Electronic -


  1. Food Fanatics -
  2. Recipes Dot Org -

Gathering Places

  1. Google+ Refugees -
  2. Open Chat -

Help and How To's

  1. Help & Support  -
  2. Minds Groups -
  3. Outdoors -
  4. Survivalist Off Grid Living Idea Exchange -

Just for Fun

  1. I Am Bored -
  2. Movies, Cult Picks & B Hits -