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Hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

This site was begun to help common everyday folks create websites, either for themselves or for their favorite nonprofit group. Simple websites are created for a variety of reasons. Many personal websites share information about a favorite hobby or actvity. Some people share information about genealogy and list facts about their ancestors in hopes of finding distant cousins and other family lines. Some folks might like to create a simple website to give information about the "brick and mortar" business. Some folks create simple websites for their sports team or local volunteer fire department. There are many reasons someone might want to learn to create a simple website and perhaps some of the information and/or one of the methods described on this site will help you create a website of your own.

There are probably as many ways to create a website as there are people who create websites. There are some methods shared on these pages that I've used to create a variety of types of sites. But, these are not the only methods that can be used - just methods that seemed easy and useful to me. It's best to explore different methods and choose the method that best fits your skills, your time schedule and your purpose.

Although the main emphasis is on website creation, the site has expanded to include "how to's" on creating graphics, using free online tools and all sorts of things. There are special sections for using social network sites and also a special section just for teachers.

It's funny how one thing leads to another. Many of these pages started out as help files to be used in some groups on a social networking site, Eons. But, disappeared from sight on May 17, 2012 and the latest update from the owner is that it will be down "for the foreseeable future".  Now, effort is being made to incorporate more of the help files and posts into the website. The thought occured that it might also be useful to test some different methods of monetizing the site. Helping folks was fun, but it might be time to see what else can be done and to share that information, too.

So, make yourself at home. Browse through the sections of the site by clicking on a topic in the top menu or the menu in the sidebar. Have Fun!