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Winking Images

We had fun playing with "winking images" in The Studio. We shared information, tips and examples of the images we made at The following is a copy of the help file that had been uploaded to The Studio group at Eons (the now defunct website). The only thing that is changed is where to post questions.

Making an image "wink"

Lunapic tutorial | Step-by-step (Roseart) | Another step-by-step | Tips

The tutorial

There was a tutorial for winking images located in the forum at Lunapic but that link no longer works. However, here is a link to the LunaPic support page where you may be able to find some how-tos or tutorials.

Step-by-step instructions (Roseart1948)

OK, here's what I did.
  1. Upload photo
  2. Click on Animation (at the top of the page)Click Edit Animation Settings
  3. Click EDIT under your picture you've uploaded
  4. Go to DRAW at the top of the page. Click COSMETIC SURGERY
  5. Select (Reduce in size EXTREAM)
  6. Drag cursor around eye (leaving a fairly decent amount of eye area around eye.)
  7. Click on DO OPERATION NOTE: If you're not satisfied Click on UNDO OPERATION and work with it until it's the way you want it. You will have to go back to steps 4-7
  8. Go to top of page and click on ANIMATION-EDIT ANIMATION SETTINGS
  10. If it's too fast or too slow, click SEE ANIMATION SETTINGS above the picture to go back and adjust settings. Click SAVE CHANGES
  12. Save to your computer (make sure you save it as a gif.)
  13. Upload to your Eons profile or a photo sharing site if you have one.

NOTE: I didn't have any luck with the upload to my profile. So I had to upload to Photobucket.

Another step-by-step:

  1. Upload your photo or graphic to or - turns out their the same editor!
  2. Hold your mouse over "animation" in the top line of choices (menu) in the editor. A popup list appears. Choose "Edit Animation Settings"
  3. Then click on edit under your picture you uploaded
  4. Then go to the top menu, hold your mouse over "draw" and click on "cosmetic surgery"
    1. a. Click and drag with your mouse to select the area.
    2. b. Change the drop down box to make the change extreme. 
    3. c. Click "Do Operation"
  5. If it doesn't take you to a new page with the two pictures you've done, go to "animations ----->"edit animation settings" again.
  6. If you want to set individual timings, click "frame timing"
  7. When you are through, click on download and save!

You can get back to where it shows the individual frames by hovering over animation in the top menu and clicking "Edit Animation Settings" whenever you get lost! You can also delete a frame if you get an extra one you don't want. After you delete it, click plain "save", the go back to "Edit Animation Settings"


You don't see the animation until you set the timing. When you are in the draw --> cosmetic, you are working on the 2nd frame. Sometimes I've had to do the "cosmetic surgery" more than once to get the eye to shut. Each time you do an "operation", you get a new frame. They show up when you get back the to "Edit animation Settings" I've learned to delete the middle ones so I end up with two. Course, if you wanted a lingering wink, you could keep more than two!

I've been setting the first frame to 150 or 200 and the second frame for 20.

If you have any questions, just post in The Studio at Boomersville.Spruz or The Studio group at Notoverthehill.  You can also email the webmaster.

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