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Help and Sharing

I have yet to find a site to use as a forum for this website since Eons disappeared. However, I am looking.

Boomeon (New - started in Jan. 2014) Profile: Mimi58  Group: The Studio There were lots of high hopes for Boomeon when it first came on the scene. There have been some improvements. We can play with code in the comments and replies now. But, the navigation needs improvement and we aren't able to style our profile pages. I'm hoping some major changes will be done soon so this might be a great site to discuss web sites and code. Fingers crossed!

Boomerville (Spruz) - Profile: Mimi58 Many Eons members have found a new home at Boomerville. You can style your profile and start groups. However, I haven't started a group there. Spruz (like Ning) charge for someone to create a community and limit the bandwidth, etc. depending on what level you pay.

Google+ Communities

You can find me at - Profile: Jay Tee Now that Google+ has groups (communities), it may prove to be the best alternative to Eons for the people who want to talk about creating websites, LOL. Here are a few of the communities in alphabetical order:

CSS Community - For CSS Designing Discussion

HTML5 - All things HTML5, CSS3, JS

Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Coding - We are.. code monkeys...

Yuku Community The Playground Community was started June, 2012 as a replacement for groups I'd managed at (which is becoming a distant memory). However, it is difficult to find active groups there and very difficult to make contact with members. Therefore, I haven't done much there since the community was first started.

If you would like to suggest some forums where folks can talk about web design, web building, coding and the like, please send the information and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!