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Google Cached Pages

Using Google Search and Cached Pages

I've seen people posting about wishing they could retrieve some blog posts and such from Eons (just in case) This won't help you locate everything, but it might help you find and copy a few blogs, posts or other information. The operative word is might. This is how to use the Google cached pages in a google search. (This would work for other sites as well. Just replace with the name of the other site.)

In the search box, put (with no spaces)

Then put a space and put in your username. This is what mine would look like: Mimi58

When the results page appears, do not click on the links. Instead, hover you mouse over to the right of each entry and an arrow and then a preview page will appear. In most preview pages will be the word, cached, in blue. Click on the word "cached" and with luck you will be taken to a cached page.

Then you can take screenshots or copy and paste the info. I've found some of my stuff that way - and replies to posts with some info. After I let folks know, I'm going to get busy "gathering" LOL.

Hope this helps you a little bit, for the bloggers and others, in getting a copy of some of your blogs or posts.

Saving the Cached Page

You could copy and paste the content in a plain text or word processing file or you could take screenshots. But, you can also save the page as an HTML file.

I don't know about other browsers, but with FF I can "save as"  and choose to save the "HTML, only" Then you can navigate to where you want to save the page and OK the save. Later, you can use your browser to open the HTML file and see the blog text and comments text.

I've found a number of blogs of one member which also contained comments. This might be an easier and quicker way to save the data.