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About Me


I am a retired elementary school teacher. My first experience with a computer was with an Apple IIE clone that was in the school's library. In the beginning, some of my students were teaching me!

As our school became more technology minded, so did I. My experiences ranged from managing our grade level's section of the school website to trying and implementing various methods of incorporating computers in the classroom. It was fun.

After I retired, I continued to make websites: A memorial website, a website for our church, a website for a friends business and more. I don't generally create websites for pay, although I have done a few. That leads to work and I'd rather play.


Many folks have helped me learn. I'm passing it on. It's that simple. I hope you can find something useful here. If not, I hope you at least have a little fun looking.

"There's more than one way to skin a cat," is an old saying I've heard many times. Never could figure out why anyone would want to skin a cat in the first place, but it's generally true that there is not just one way to do things. 

In web design and creation, if it works and people can traverse your site and find what they need, then you've done a good job. Of course, it helps to know about things, such as browser differences, best practices, and so forth, to help you prepare a site that folks can use. 

And that's the purpose of this site - to give everyday people the knowledge they need to create a website of their own - and, maybe, have a little fun doing it.