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Breadcrumb trail for Web Design:
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Resource Websites

There are a gazillion sites on the web that offer information connected to web building, however, it's not always easy to find ones which are current and which offer good information or help. The sites listed below are sites we've discussed in The Studio, a group I managed at the now defunct social network. If you know of other good sites, feel free to email me.

More Tutorials

  • How to layout and design a website (without any design skills!) - - This tutorial provides information on the basic elements of Web page design and layout. It is not meant to be a comprehensive course on Web site construction. Rather, it is meant to provide an overview of the most important issues that anybody building a Web page will confront.
  • Designing a Website: Webmasters Tutorial - - A great site for getting information about creating a website "from target audience to layout to execution." Whether you plan to hand code or use a template, there is some great information about designing your web site here. The index also gives an explanation about each section of the tutorial -
  • HTML for Beginners - Links to lessons about basic HTML. This site was recommended by a group of students in tech camp. Thanks for the link!
  • Tutorial using an HTML editor:
    • Creating a Web Site - Using Kompozer and a Free CSS template - 
    • Pomodoro Template Exercise - Using different images without making changes to the code in the external css file.
    • Connection Template Exercise - Making a few changes in the css file to change color and change the image used for the background logo.
  • Tutorials coding HTML by hand
    • For Compete Beginners:  Page Tutor -    Other tutorial in left column
    • Create a Free Web Site tutorial - - Contains lots of information from creating to uploading. The simple lessons also teach the art of formatting pages and text using CSS2 compliant Style Sheets. You can also download the tutorial to use offline. One thing to note: Most folks recommend using all lower case in HTML tags. 

Advanced CSS

  • A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites - A tremendous resource full of good information. 
  • Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design- A gallery of pages using the exact same HTML and text with changes ONLY in the external CSS file and the images used as backgrounds. It's fascinating to see what can be done. Use the column on the right to select different designs or view a list of all of the designs.

Fonts (Typography)


Embedded videos