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Web Hosts

Before you can share your website, you need some place on the internet to place it. I've used various free web hosts over the years and a few paid hosts. At the moment, my preference for a free host is They do not put ads on your site, but you can, if you want. They give enough storage room and allow enough bandwidth, etc. for most static websites. I have had very little problems with them as a host. The instructions below take you through the steps to set up an account.

Opening an account

Go to  In the top menu, hover over "Free Hosting" and then click on "Sign up for Free Hosting."


Filling in Information

Here are a few tips:
  • Choose a short, simple name for the Sub Domain name. This will become part of Your website address. Use all lower caas and have no spaces. I usually type my password into a plain text file and then copy and paste it into the form. I also paste it back into the file to be sure it was copied correctly.
  • Be sure to use a valid email. You will receive a confirmation email to which you will need to reply once you submit your information.
byethost sighup

Saving Website Information

A new page will appear with information about your website account including your website address, links to control panel and username they assign. Your information will take the place of the red x's in the image.  You may or may not be on byethost7. The username will be the same for the Control panel, MySQL and FTP. Be sure to copy and paste the information in a plain text file and save it in your website folder or place of your choice. You will need the information later.

byethost info