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The Right Way

Each web designer has his or her own opinions what is most important. Generally, it is not a bad idea to view a number of articles about best practices to gain an insight into the important things to do - or not to do - as well as to gain understanding about why the practice is important.

Below, you'll find a few practices that many consider important:

Importance of Navigation

No matter the size of your website, your visitors will need a way to get around to see what is there. Visitors won't be happy if they can't find what they came to find or if they get lost in a maze and can't find their way out.

If your website is small, you'll probably want a main navigation menu that links to every page. If you have a larger website, you may want links to your main section pages on every page and have special menus on certain pages.

Recognize that links can become broken over time, so it's wise to establish a routine for locating and fixing broken links. provides a tool to check for broken links:



Because of the nature of the internet, images that are in lower resolution will display as well as those in high resolution. It's a good idea to resize and/or optimize images used on a website to reduce the time it takes a page to load. There are online sites where you can optimize an image. There are also some free graphic editors you can download. Link to List

Setting Width and Height

You may have visited a website that seems to jump around when the page is loading. Generally this is because the width and height of an image has not been specified. So, the browser redoes the page as each image loads. If you specify the size of the image in your code, the browser will layout the page with space set aside for each image, so the page load is much smoother.

Some HTML editors will automatically add the width and height when you insert an image. If you are coding by hand, you can add the width and height to your image tags.

Adding an alternate name

It's recommended to add alternate text to certain image tags. If that's done and an image doesn't load for some reason, an alternate text will appear telling what the image would have been. More importantly, it helps with accessibility for visitors who are using screen readers, etc.

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